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OUT NOW: The Fall of The Northern Star

September 16, 2017


The brand new album The Fall of The Northern Star by Laura Silverstone is OUT NOW!

From today you can listen to the full album on Spotify and Laura Silverstone's official website. Just click on the image!

You can also purchase the album on CD format through PayPal (on this website), or online through iTunes, Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon Music. Don't wait any longer, click here and get your copy now!

The Fall of The Northern Star


1. Lady of The Night

2. The Fall

3. Anamnesis

4. Magic

5. Stardust

6. Spinning Plates

7. Blackstar


"In the darkness of the night, the stars have been guarding us since the beginning of times. The Northern Star, inspiration to so many; night after night she leans close to the Earth to watch our moves. Every night… until she falls. Overwhelmed by the sensory experience of being human, she slowly forgets what it ever meant to be more. Even as she takes her last breath. But in the darkness of this world, still remains the magic the stars left for us, a small magic we call music."






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