Her Story

Having picked up the accordion at 5 years old Silverstone was writing music before she could ride a bike.

By her mid teens she had taught herself the guitar, harmonica and piano; and was fast expanding her repertoire.

On the 22nd of October 2013 ‒ aged just 18 ‒ she packed her instruments and left everything else behind. Step by step, she developed her distinctive sound, built her audience and matured as a songwriter and composer. Having launched her debut album, produced in Edinburgh with Andy Paul

at the mixing desk and a full professional band behind her, Silverstone has taken her music back to the road with more hunger and verve than ever before.

Imagine the lovechild of the primal folk growlings of Bruce Springsteen and the wit and energy of Alanis Morissette. Now imagine her better, with 80s rock curls and guitarwork that could smash paprika, probably. Laura Silverstone combines modern folk textures with classic rock touches, creating her own distinct musical blend. This, together with the force of her soulful vocals and powerful stage presence, has made her a must-see live act.

Based out of her self-built campervan ‘Ubba’, 2017 saw her play her way through Scotland, England, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands and Switzerland; where her sales and reputation as a live performer have been growing ever since.

From a very young age Laura Silverstone always proved to be out of the ordinary.

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